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Ag paste

Product details

Silver paste for chip resistor
Application Silver paste for chip resistor
Field Face electrode Back electrode
P/N 02H-4400 (Ag/Pd) 01H-4400 01H-4400
Spec Content 75~80% 80-85% 60~80%
If you need difference content, can be specified
Fineness <8μm if you need finer, can be customized
Viscosity 200~400Pa.s, Brookfield,Sct-14,10turn/minute 150~350Pa.s, Brookfield,Sct-14,10turn/minute
Electroplate Excellent
Usage Screen 180-350目
Drying 120-150℃,10-20minutes
Sintering 850℃,at peak 10mins
Atmosphere condition, general sintering furnace (resistance furnace), belt furnace 850℃,at peak 10 minutes
Validity 12 months,  please keep the temperature at 5-10℃
Thinner 1001